Looking for a state of the art process monitoring solution?

The euler vision system uses proven and robust industrial hardware, powered by software using latest advancements in real time artificial intelligence.

Records Each Layer

Each printed layer is historically archived and avilable on demand as 2D or 3D data.

Easy Isolated Integration

No software installation, no communcation with the AM system. No drilling, tapping or glueing. Really.

Zero Point Calibration

Automatic vision based zero point calibration at the press of a button. Start printing ontop of previously machined parts in no time.

Monitor Remotely

Monitor your AM system LIVE from your office chair. Resulting in less frequent visits to the printer lab.

Intelligent Software

The more field data seen, the more powerful the AI engine becomes.

Live Browser Based User Interface

Works on your legacy printer

The user interface has been developed in close collaboration with real AM operators. The resulting interface is minimal by design and works on any platform. The system does not need to communicate to the outside world, nor the printer itself.

Data Archiving

Your data

Archiving of recorded data ensures full manufacturing traceability. The data is is stored on premise and never leaves your facilties. You have full access to the raw data, calibration data and any data you think you might need. After all, it's your data.

Powerful 3D Analysis

"Computed Tomography" on a budget

By cleverly arranging each recorded layer, the system can generate Computed Tomography (CT) "like" data. This representation can be useful for spotting defects and performing dimensional measurement.

Zero Point: Hybrid Builds and Part Repair

Use AM only where AM is needed

Locate parts and fixtures on the build platform at the press of a button. Effortlessly and automatically perform zero point calibration in under a second. Save substantial time in preparing hybrid builds and part repair print jobs.

Research Partners

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